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Enjoy the fun and excitement while playing Half Moon Solitaire

Even though there have been so many online games which you can play in your free time, but online solitaire is one game which is still the hot favorite for the game lovers across the world. Most people think that solitaire is a game that only kids play, but in reality the game requires real dedication and lot of strategy in order to emerge as a winner. The best part is that there are so many solitaire games and you need to have a computer/laptop with a fast internet connection.

One such game is Half Moon Solitaire. This game is fun to play and it is one of the best variants of solitaire. While playing this variant, you as a player have to move all the cards from the outer piles to the innermost foundation areas. You have to make the solitaire cards onto the two foundation regions for particular cards suit. Make sure that these solitaire piles have to be made in a series and it can be either in descending or ascending order.

You have the leverage of moving the each pile’s topmost card to another pile, in the case where the card is of identical suit. You can bring together in descending or ascending order as long as the cards have placed in a successive order. If you are not able to locate the replacement for the top card, you can also shuffle the card piles for making more choices. You have to remember one important thing and this that you can only shuffle the cards till three times while playing the game.