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Playing It Cool: Restraining Impulse Gambling

Many people are attracted to gambling for the thrill of competing in very challenging games, the immense sense of satisfaction that they get from winning, and of course, the incredible rewards that await them. The perks can be so overwhelming that players must always be careful not to lose control and spend too much on their gambling passions, lest they pay a heavy price in the end.

One can curb the impulse to gamble excessively by learning to properly manage the time they spend in playing. It's easy to lose track of time when playing in 24-hour a day casinos that often have no clocks to inform one of the hour or even windows for one to see if it's night or day. It is then up to the players themselves to set responsible parameters for the duration of time they spend playing. Players should also be responsible in managing their money. To avoid over betting, one must take note of the monetary value of the chips that they are playing with.

Casino games are typically played at a fast pace, and players must learn not to let the tense atmosphere get to them. One must keep their cool at all times and not let any distractions take their focus away from the game. When a game is not going one's way, taking a break to calm down relieves the tension and prevents one from committing the usual desperate mistakes one makes when playing exhausting non-stop rounds.

Gamblers will do well to refrain from drinking alcohol while gambling. Excessive alcohol consumption dulls the mind and affects the concentration one needs to function effectively in the game. It is better to celebrate after one has actually won; celebrating in advance might in fact cost one's game instead.

Most gamblers play for money, but they should not let greed get the better of them. If one wishes to keep gambling after an initial win, they should at least be responsible enough to set aside a significant portion of their winning to take home, instead of gambling all of their winnings and risk betting it all away.

Wise gamblers know when to quit while they're ahead. They can easily walk away when they sense a game is going bad, and they know how far to take a game when they sense the probability of their fortunes turning around. They may act out of instinct, but they should never act out of impulse.