Types of Lottery Games in America

In United States today there are one hundred ninety games for lottery. Some are similar in nature but are known in different names. There are forty three states that have them. Even if the names of the lotteries vary these games can actually be categorized into the following kinds:

1. One-Number lottery games, 2. Multi-Number lottery games with a set 3. Multi-Number lottery games

A short description of the different kids can be found below.

Lottery game with one number- These are the type of lottery where players just choose a single number among different numbers. Most of the lottery in United States with one numbers is also known as three digit lottery or four digit lottery. Players choose three digits from zero to nine hundred ninety nine. This type has different names in different states. Some typical name for this game is Pick three, Play three, Cash three and Daily three. There is the four digit variation where players choose four digits. This game is also called by many names. The common ones are Cash four, Play four and Pick four.

For the two games players can select the kind of play they want. They can choose the exact match or the any order type. Going for the exact match means that your number should be drawn in the order you have given them. Winners are determined if the entire numbers are in the same order. The box type is where players get to win if three numbers gets picked even if they are not in order. The exact type wins more than the other one because that is harder to achieve. The players can divide his money into two. The first for the straight or exact and the other half for the box play. Other states offer other kinds of play like front, combo, split and back pair.

Lottery with many numbers - Multi-Number games. These are games where players choose four up to six numbers. The order is not important. It matters only with mixing and matching play. This is a game popular in Pennsylvania.

These games can be identified with abbreviation N. The people understands that they should select their numbers from one up to the N. The n is a variable. The tickets for these games should have four up to six numbers. The Lotto in America is usually made up of six numbers. The classic identification is the 6/49 symbol. There are games with five numbers. The most popularly played are Fantasy five, Pick five and Cash five.

In this kind of game if a player gets three of the selected numbers he is already a winner. He gets a cash prize. Players who get all the numbers will get the big jackpot. The jackpot prize is really lucrative. There are times when the jackpot is divided among many winners who got all the numbers.

There are several states where an additional ball should be matched. This is the bonus number. This makes the lower cash prizes higher. There are games with many numbers that have two sets. The numbers can come from two sets. In the same way five numbers should be chosen by the players in whatever order they wish.

This game is identified by the abbreviation of n over n or m over m. There is one state in America which has the two by two games. Players should choose from both sets two numbers. The widely played games in the entire United States are Powerball and Megamillions.